OCBC Marketing Mailer: 0% Interest for 12 months with Apple proudcts
[PROMOTION] 2016 till date has brought in a fantastic haul of smartphones driven by an almost perfect SoC (System on Chip) in Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 as well a maturity of hardware and Android.  

From my current favourite flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to very affordable One Plus 3 to my current daily driver, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and as well a host of China manufacturers have produced some of the most impressive smartphones with amazing prices. 

The most glaring omission from the two paragraphs is of course, the iPhone. That's because Apple will probably be releasing their 2016 flagship, the iPhone 7, in September as you may already know. Meanwhile if the prototype iPhone 7 making its rounds on YouTube is anything to go by, iPhone 7 is probably unlikely to dethrone Samsung Note 7 as my favourite phone of 2016.   

My opinion of course isn't commonly shared by everyone, as iPhone 7 will sell well regardless. 

Hence perhaps in anticipation for iPhone 7, OCBC dropped in a mailer yesterday to remind me that I could get a interest free 12 months instalment plan for Apple product purchases over S$500 with OCBC Credit Card.

The instalment plan is only available by calling Apple at 1800 692 7753 to place your order. It is not available via any other retail channels including the Apple Online Store.

Good to know especially if you are a OCBC Credit Card customer and eagerly awaiting the new iPhone 7!

Link - OCBC 0% Interest Instalment Plan
Silver Samsung Galaxy Note 7: SingTel shop demo set
[NEW GADGET] On first look, I think it's more beautiful than its cousin, S7 Edge. Certainly not much bigger, in fact it has a slimmer outlook to it. In short, it is easy to say if the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has everything a S7 Edge can do and more, then essentially we are looking at the Android Smartphone of 2016.

September 2016 will belong to iPhone 7 but August 2016 will be Note 7's.

Glorious 5.7" OLED always-on display.
Note 7 features a 5.7-inch Quad HD (2560 x 1440 resolution - 518 ppi) curved-edge OLED always-on display, probably the best screen in the market at the moment. Inside Note 7 are Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 (or in Singapore likely to be Exynos equivalent similar to S7 Edge), 4GB ram and 64GB storage expandable via microSD slot. 

Despite skipping number 6 in the series, Note 7 continues to be a phablet so S-Pen is its most prominent feature especially given the lack of smartphones with stylus in the market. Note 7's S-Pen is, on paper, twice as sensitive of Note 5's. And the demo set certainly prove so. Note 7 is also IP68 rated and amazingly S-Pen will work underwater!  

Note 7 is 153.5 x 73.9 x 7.99mm big and 169g  heavy with a 3500 mAh battery, 100 mAh smaller than S7 Edge. 

Back of Note 7 is obviously a fingerprint magnet. 
Besides hardware improvement, Note 7 also comes with some new innovations.

Note7 is apparently one of the first smartphones armed with a mobile High Dynamic Range video streaming-ready display, which, when paired with HDR content, would provide a more cinema-like experience with brighter colors and deeper blacks. 

Then there is the highly advertised Iris scanner supporting unlocking of the phone with your eyes. Only gripe is that bespectacled users has to remove their glasses for the scanner to work well. 

Note 7 is also launched with a pair of lens kit, which isn't available on demo, certainly curious to see how the lens kit in reality.

Side view of a Black Onyx Note 7.
Note7 is available in Black Onyx (my favourite), Blue Coal (available at a later date), Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium for a recommended retail price of S$1,168 and depending on where you get it, a complimentary lens kit as well.   

And while the world celebrates another fantastic Samsung device, Samsung hints a ‘monster’ version of the phablet that sports 6GB of memory and a hefty 128 GB of internal storage would be available exclusively in China... 

Would you prefer that over the Singapore set? 

Regards, tsgts

Link - Samsung Singapore Galaxy Note 7
Logitech M280 on my desk
[USER EXPERIENCE] Simplicity as its best. Probably best describe my conclusion for Logitech M280, available everywhere in Singapore. It's a computer mouse and it does what I think a computer mouse quite competently. Essentially, ergonomic grip, quick, silent scroll and clicky buttons.

I like the Logitech font.
Decent build quality. Feels great in hand. The dot in the picture above lights up when the mouse is powered on. Afterwards it doesn't light at all. A fun thought, if it lights up for a while after a fixed interval of inactivity, might be quite cool.

Side view of M280.
It's marketing material say "10-meter reliable wireless range", good to know but I don't sit 10 meters away from my screen. Also says "Advanced optical tracking" and "18-month battery life", yeah its 1000 DPI, decent but the fastest mouse I have used. Not sure about the battery life though, its 2016, how bad can it be. A free battery (AA) is included in the package.

The part that I don't see often.
I am not a gamer nor a millionaire, so as much as I wanted Logitech MX Master, I settled for its distant cousin, M280. I hope 'M' here stands for the word "Master". ha. Till next time, bye.

Nice light. Too bad it doesn't light more often.
Photo from Press Release: Sennheiser store at Marina Square

[NEW STUFF] Sennheiser Asia announces the opening of their first fully-owned brand store in Singapore on the same day.

I am a little surprise as Sennheiser is one of the first names a Singaporean can think of when it comes to earphones. I mean Sennheiser has been around for the longest time even before the flood of Audio brands in the last couple of years.

Besides a broad portfolio of headphone models, the retail space at Marina Square will offer a selection of microphones for musicians and video journalists, as well as BYOD audio
conferencing solutions.

Sennheiser also debuted their first-of-its-kind service, Headphone for Hire programme. Consumers can pay a security deposit and take a Sennheiser headphone on trial for a week. Surely a comprehensive trial programme anyone would enjoy when considering a new headphone!

Also as part of the launch, the brand introduces their exclusive partnership with local artistes 53A and Jack & Rai, good stuff!

As well good stuff; check out the store for launch promotions until... 9th August 2016!

Source: Press Release from SG Story
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