[Giveaway] Still remember iTwin? Nope? You ought to because it "magically" allows two computers to speak to each other. Not quite magically but if you would like to data share between two computers, you should not miss this invention.

So this is a chance to win one. iTwin has officially landed in USA, rubbing shoulders with tech giants at CES 2011 in Las Vegas.

And to celebrate their appearance at CES 2011, they are giving away an iTwin to 3 lucky fans.

You can enter the contest via Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/iTwinFeed) or Twitter (http://wildfireapp.com/twitter/233/contests/86981).

Good luck!

[New Gadget] If there is one thing you want to know that happened yesterday, well, here it is. Intel has officially unveiled the details of it’s latest codenamed “Sandy Bridge” line of desktop and mobile processors.

It might not change the world like the iPad did, but every new line of processors raise the bar for “value-for-money” type of computers and more features each time. For instance, Intel Wireless Playback with 1080p. Pipe images on your computer to the TV on 1080p resolution! Hit the source for more information.

Source – Engadget

[News] A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft came up with the sales figures for it’s year 2010 blockbuster, the Windows Phone 7 operating system. So essentially, the number includes all models of phone running on Windows Phone 7.

Well according to Microsoft, Windows Phone 7 sold more than 1.5 million in six weeks! Which is certainly a good but unexpected result. But as you would have guessed, they ain’t releasing the figures for a closer inspection. So one really ponders where does the 1.5 million come from!

As usual, there are no breakdown sales figures available in Singapore, but I would not expect any figures to be deemed a success.

The evidences are overwhelming.

  1. Consumer can get the iPhone, the undisputed most popular smartphone in the country, with any carrier.
  2. Most people I know cannot really wrap their heads around Windows Phone 7. Either they are still suffering from the nightmare of Windows Mobile 6 or they are so satisfied with the iPhone that there is no reason for them to try to get to know another OS.
  3. Windows Phone 7 phones are all priced too close to the likes of iPhones and Androids. So why spend the sum of money on an unknown new kid on the block?

There could be more reasons stacking against Windows Phone 7 but well these are probably going to be the strongest.

One thing that is probably working for them could well be their series of commercials on Mediacorp. It is not the culture in Singapore to see ads for mobile phones but Windows Phone 7 is the few exceptions. And  Felicia Chin stars in one in the series.

Source – PC World

[News] What a start to the new year for some Apple iPhone users! Their alarm didn’t ring on the first of the new year! It is unclear if it is just the users with iOS 4.2 (the latest firmware) that are affected.

Apparently, the issue has something to do with the year turning to 2011. Some poor souls are late for work as a result.

No news from Apple on what might have been the problem. But hey, at least it didn’t happen on Monday! Otherwise Singapore might face a problem functioning on time given our sheer number of iPhone users around.

We are safe for at least the next 364 days or until Apple fixed the problem.

Source – Engadget
Source – CNA

[Gadget Accessory] Gadget covers and skins are like clothing these days. You buy them to dress up your gadget such that they can keep up with your looks.

Correction, I think I am just refering to owners of all the “i” products (ie. Apple products). You gotta admit that isn’t it? Other gadgets owners hardly find “clothing” for their babies in Singapore.

So for me, from the sea of iPad casings, I have chosen macally BookStand for my iPad.

Essentially, the macally BookStand checks all my requirement for a iPad Casing.

  1. Retains the slickness of the iPad.
  2. Puts the iPad in a positions to allow a more comfortable typing experience
  3. Puts the iPad in a positions to allow a better movie watching experience
  4. Protects the iPad (to a certain degree)
  5. Is pretty

After 2 months of usage, it still looks good and still checks all the boxes. Cool stuff. This cool product is retailing at S$79.90 when I bought, and the last time I checked, it still is.

One for your iPad too?

[New Gadget] You just have to question how decisions are made within the quarters of Creative Singapore. Resistive touch screens in the Zii Tablets already seems like a strange decision. And now, they have just release a home media player bundling in classic chinese movies!

The recently announced ZiiEagle contains 668 classic Shaw flims produced in the last 50 years in the history. Also included is English and Chinese subtitles support, HDMI support, quick access to movies with coloured preset buttons or custom movie list (named Dream on the remote control!).

And if the concept of the product and the actual production of this amazing product hasn’t shock you, wait for the price tag; a whooping S$888!

With Creative SGX listing trading near to it’s 52-week bottom in a rather good year of economy, ZiiEagle hardly inspire investors or the consumers. At all.

The target market could well be the portion born prior to 1965 where most of the films included in the bundle are first screened. But would they whip out this much money (although the price tag is auspicious within the Chinese market) for a home media player showing classics?

It just looks more like a partnership between Creative and Shaw blossom from a friendship between the management. Afterall, Creative doesn’t have to put in a lot of resources to produce a standard product in the ZiiEagle.

Product Page – Creative Singapore

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