The journey of being a Singtel customer often make up of a bi-yearly event of buying a new mobile with contract extension. This year, Singtel actually gave me an option of contract extension a $30 dollars Nokia voucher or a monthly $4 dollars rebate off my current bill.

That is rather kind of them, since they don’t normally give me such options. I remember having vouchers of tens of dollars usually. Unless of course, you call up and threaten to cut the line.

So much for being a 10 year old customer with Singtel.

Anyway, choosing the $4 dollar rebate is a much better choice, because the terms are that I will be getting the monthly rebate for my bill up till a point in the future where by I chose to buy a phone from Singtel at the contract price. Then the rebate crease and I can still buy a new phone at subsidied price. I also get more time to choose a new phone for myself.

And my daily visit to the begins.

And their consistent spamming of SMS continues…

Fact: Blackberry is no longer just a brand for Business users.

IMO, Blackberry’s new direction is to target the mass market. The consumers’ working life is so integrated into their leisure lifestyle. Clearly, with other manufacturers coming up with phones that can be use in both the working and leisure lifestyle, Blackberry cannot remain to be a manufacturer that makes dull corporate messenger phones.

Bold 9000 has been a great device in the correct device. It looks cool and work even better. I have to say its keypad is probably best in the QWERTY phone market. The Blackberry web browser is not too bad either, its fast but the screen size is probably still going to limit the browsing experience compared to the iPhone.

Significant differences:

  • Size: (Link) – Blackberry Bold 9700 is smaller than Blackberry Bold 9000
  • Track ball in 9000 is replaced by optical pad in 9700
  • 2MP camera in 9000 compared to 3.2 MP camera in 9700
  • Blackberry OS 4.0 in 9000 and 5.0 in 9700
  • Document reader in 9000 and editor in 9700 ???? (I am not too sure but seems to be the case!)

Not much differences? It depends on whether you are already a Bold owner. If you have a Bold 9000, there aren’t much reasons why you should swap for a 9700.

Singtel is taking pre-order now… (Link)

It’s been quite awhile and I am back from exams and everything else. I shall mark my return with a video that I have produced months ago and have totally forgotten about it.

And Here is the link to the review that I have written while we got the review set. (Link)

And for the record, you can make your notebook a tablet simply by getting the Siso Tablo from (So far I have not seen it on sale in a physical store or other online store.)

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