iPod earphones are boring! Spice it up with Emotibuds! Very cute addition. I am surprised that it is not very common in locally.

Relatively cheap but i think it can only be attached to certain earphones. Check a local online store that sells it. Link


On the first look, I thought Acer has developed a new green notebook or desktop. Only to realize that YOU are the one who is saving the world by trading-in your computer. Haha!

Still there is something new on the show; Intel Atom N280 is moving into the market. Some manufacturers managed to put up some Netbooks with N280 during the IT Show last month. Not sure whether Acer did so then.

Anyway, Aspire One now comes with N280! So, what is so great about N280? Theoretically, N280 will be faster with a 1.66GHz processor and a 667MHz FSB compared to N270 with 1.6GHz and 533MHz. (If you have no idea what I am talking about here, just know that the speed of the processors are very similar.)

And of course, practically the difference is hardly noticeable even with benchmarks. Check this one. Link

But of course you might feel better if you spend about the same amount of money and instead got a newer processor than your friend who bought it last month during the show and got a older version.


How rare to see a Mac trade-in promotion!
The cheapest MacBook is currently the White edition, the older design as compared to the aluminum ones. It comes with a integrated graphics of Intel X3100. But you can upgrade to a much better one (Nvidia Geforce 9400M) at only S$100. Strange isn’t it?
For potential first time Mac users, make a wise decision. It would be good if you are able to dual-boot Windows (“able” means by hook or by crook you know how to get it done). Because while Mac is definitely cool, it may not be easy to get things done initially especially when you are a Windows user since you know what a computer is.
Examples of such cases are aplenty, check this one. Link 
So unless you are going to be an inspiring musician or designer… Think about it. 
For the record, I want a Mac too. When I tio 4D. Because I just want to own one to experience being an apple-r, not for really really serious work.  

Just bought a Magnum Ice Cream flash drive from 7-11. Decided to get this since it looks a toy. Buy 2 Magnum Ice Cream and get it at S$14.90. Its 2GB.

It comes in a nice packaging too. And lanyard. Its of those things we are lacking in the local market! Gadgets with fun and innovative designs. Check out how it look like when plug into the computer!

According to HD Speed, this thumbdrive has a pretty good read speed of 19mb/s. Oh well just want to say that the performance is good despite the look of it (Made in China and look like a toy). Good buy!


This is one story that you probably to have know if you claiming to be a gadget enthusiast updated with news as hot as the hot point of Pizza Hut.

Introducing (if you do not recognize the tablet in the picture) the CrunchPad!!!

WHAT: "A a very thin and light touch screen computer, sans physical keyboard, that has no hard drive and boots directly to a browser to surf the web. The operating system exists solely to handle the hardware drivers and run the browser and associated applications."

WHY: To really be portable and mobile in terms of staying connected online. And it is going to cost like a netbook I think.

WHO: Michael Arrington, the founder (Correct me if I am wrong and he actually got a group of people to help him). And... ... Fusion Garage of Singapore is developing the firmware! Now you know why you really have to know this piece of gadget which is currently still in prototype.

WHEN: Nobody knows. But the leaked prototype photos implies that its almost, almost, almost ready.

Apparently,  there is a lot of interest generated overseas for this gadget because of this form factor and features. And also the fact that it is going to operate without an OS. (If it is really going to perform superbly without OS, Fusion Garage will not be just garage anymore.)

I am really going to buy this. Now, we can finally throw pen and paper away. Just imagine if we can carry CrunchPad around and scribble on it... And when is the last time a Singapore company develops something so exciting to the average consumer...

Source - Fusion Garage

Source - TechCrunch


Notebook cooler is particular thing that you cannot apply "The more expensive, the better". I know I know there are many other thing that cannot apply that theory too.

But I just got to say that because I have a 50 bucks cooler that does not do much to help my MSI notebook cool down her "temper". The latest temperature as I am typing now is near 60 degrees Celsius. Oh my.

There are a few conditions that must be met in order for the cooler to bring the temperature down a little. Yes, a little ONLY. But it goes a long way to maintaining your notebook.

  1. Must be blowing at the right position... of the notebook. Decide to elaborate further to avoid misunderstanding. Especially the hard disk and processor areas.
  2. Fan must be relatively strong. My cooler is as cool as the Singapore weather these days, which is not cool at all. Buy cooler that can replace the fans. Fans age as fast as formula one.
  3. There must be a good gap between the cooler and the notebook. So this depends on the build of the cooler. Gap improves airflow.
  4. Cooler must be bigger than your notebook. If not, the notebook will not be stable to type on.
  5. Cooler must support notebook at a good angle. Flat coolers raise the height of the notebook and its annoying to have that.

So there you have it. My take on coolers. I don't really understand much on coolers. But I read tons of reviews that says their cooler can help by as much as 10 degrees. But I think best way is to use door stopper to raise the height and allow heat to escape.

Logitech N100 and N110 goes for 39 bucks. Yes, I think these coolers can make your notebook look "cooler". Logitech has not got many coolers before these. So it will be interesting to see how it comes up against Zalman and Coolermaster.

In case you are wondering, I have two notebooks. My thinkpad is as cool as North Pole.


What a long absence from TSGTS. Can’t believe it either. And I shall return with yet another Ideapad update from Lenovo.

I recently got my very own Thinkpad r61. The quality of the notebook has thoroughly impress me. The build is solid and I simply prefer a non-glossy LCD. But more importantly, the battery life can be up till 4.5 hours. Shall come up with a review soon.

With the notebook market as congested as our public transport, manufacturers are all trying as hard as the government is trying to get people to marry. Similarly, it is not easy.

Back to the new line-up,  Lenovo presented Y450 and Y650. Both are more of the multimedia notebooks. Y650, the more interesting one, has the following:

  • 16:9 format glossy widescreen panels,
  • optional latest generation NVIDIA GFX graphics for gaming and smooth HD video playback
  • Dolby Home Theater surround sound
  • VeriFace facial recognition technology (What you logging on with your face?)
  • Ambient light sensor (Auto adjust brightness for you)

Y650 also comes with DDR3 ram. Wooo!

And Carbon Fiber material makes it really thin. Lenovo say its one of the thinnest 16” notebooks around. But are there alot of 16” notebooks around?

On the whole, the specifications look good. I have not doubt about the build quality of Lenovo as well. But the price is quite staggering, Y650 at 2.3k.

The trend of producing large notebooks to watch movies is growing at the same time when we have notebooks trying to get smaller such as Sony Vaio P so that we can use them everywhere.

But the bottomline for me is that if you want to watch movie, get a desktop. How to watch movie with a 16” laptop on MRT when you probably have to give up your seat more often than now?


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