All right people. No more complaining that our local media is always one-sided in terms of news reporting or their perspectives. You will be able to read a news from different sources via the same page now!

Google News may not be unfamiliar to some of you but it has only recently developed a Singapore version.

It provides a few links to one news, for example the following;


Besides this major benefit, you can also customize the page layout to having certain categories on top of the page.

This is what I always like about Google. Looks simple but works reliably and being innovative on their services.


Finally Singnet has renew their broadband web with something meaningful! They have not been making any major moves lately as I remembered, there is the ASUS 9” EEE PC and Nokia Tablet N800. I forgot the prices for those plans. I sure it ain’t any fantastic, else I would have upgraded my subscription.

Coming back to this ACER netbook, let’s see the price you paid for it. It is NOT free, as a normal 10mbps plan is price at S$58. Therefore you are paying an extra S$7 a month. So essentially you are paying S$7 x 24 months (contract). That is S$168.

Pretty good deal. ACER AOA150, a similar machine with a smaller 8.9” LCD, will cost about S$600 already.

But really how good is the machine? 

The bottomline is that it is not suitable for serious schoolwork or business. You might find it frustrating to type on such a small machine and the screen is so small!Really, I have a ASUS EEE PC and only use it to watch movie on MRT.

For me, it should serve as something you bring along to entertain yourself during times when you are alone on the road. But ACER netbook aren’t really known for long battery life. 2 hours is the time I was told that the netbook will last. I don’t like to carry 1 kg machine around the whole just for 2 hours.

I think I just said something that was repeated all over the internet. But thats what the netbook manufacturers did to create the netbook wave.

I am not renewing my plan yet…


Oh no! what happened to google??? All links to our gahmen web is harmful! Google got an error? Something new in 2009!

PS: gahmen is a nick for a formal social structure

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