MSN Messenger have been around for years already. I think many share my sentiment that Microsoft is increasing the number of tabs on the applications. While it is not a big deal, if there is a chance to get rid of them why not?

Mess Patch is a patch for MSN Messenger where you can custom the objects on the MSN Messenger. All you need to do is run the patch with you MSN Messenger closed.

To clarify, Mess Patch removes the advertisments and Tabserve, built-in to Mess Patch, customize the tabs. You need to register an account with Tabserve though. It may sound messy, but it is really not. Just be sure you download the particular patch for your version of MSN Messenger and follow the instructions!


We are # 322.

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While I am away making a mess out of my examinations, posts have been really slow. But I found this and I might as well post it!



More notebooks deal at Funan IT Mall.

Show ends this coming Sunday, 13 April 2008.


The best deal of the day: Panasonic DMC TZ2 at S$199! Simply superb. 6 mega pixels and 10x optical zoom. 10x! For nearly all S$199 I have seen, its always 3x only. Check out the review of this camera. Link

For other deals, check out the freebies, seems cool to me as well. For example several cameras come with 4GB SD card which costs about S$35 these days.

By the way, what you see in these leaflets are about what is in the roadshow with the exception of Televisions. The range of brands and products are rather limited there.

Promotion ends 13 April 2008.


Sign up with Singtel 3G plans and get double talktime and SMS of the plan you signed up!

Promotion ends 18 April 2008.

Sometimes an idea seems so logical that nobody actually decide to do it. has got to be the classic example in this instance. All right I know you may be thinking there is indeed such efforts before but in my opinion the participation of the retailers has got to be the key ingredient here. is a "promotion information centre". It basically try to be the web to provide information on the consumer promotion across the island. First, I notice that the straightforward layout of the portal. Search engine? Check. Mobile Search? Check. I am particularly impressed by the mobile search. Its free and it responded to me in good time.


Next, I check out the gadgets section. I mean TSGTS is all about gadgets! What else! So far so good, has got OCBC and DBS onboard. Cool.


The idea is help consumers such as you and I save money. That is before you actually go out and buy anything, check this web out. It might just save you a tidy sum of money. also let you know when the promotion ends as well. can even remind you about the offers! All you have to do is to sign up for it. Noted that it has got the Singapore Flyer Promotion going on now when you sign up.


Back to the objective of TSGTS, I am just hoping that can end my countless search among VR-Zone and Hardwarezone for the best prices on gadgets. And as I said participation of retailers is very critical to the success of I wish them all the best!


PS: Why is it called Oggi? I only can think of "O**y".
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