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Samsung has released a flurry of phones latest. SGH-G800 arrived and i450 came to Singapore this week. i450 has something really different from the "normal" Samsung phone.

  • Symbian OS
  • Dual slide design with unique Touch wheel key
  • 2.4" 256K TFT LCD
  • 3.5G
  • 3.5mm Standard Audio Jack
  • microSD (SDHC), 40MB Internal
  • 2 megapixels, flash
  • Bluetooth
  • B&O ICEpower Audio Technology

Samsung i450 is a music-based phone that comes with Symbian! Samsung and Symbian are not words that we put togther in the past. It is a good improvement from Samsung here, with a smartphone. Well, the interface is pretty much what you will see on the Nokia phones.

However, the dual slide design is actually highlight of the phone. This design is similiar to Nokia N95 but instead of buttons, when you slide the top part out, you will get a touch wheel instead. It will be largely used for the media player.

Samsung i450 also claim to have incorporated the Bang & Olufsen ICEpower Audio Technology. In other word it boasts of superior sound quality. However, the review from GSMArena suggest otherwise. Meanwhile, its microSD card slot is SDHC compatible. Samsung's specification sheet says i450 can support up a 8GB SDHC card.

Lastly, i450 has a 3.5mm audio port, following the recent trend of including this port so as to allow users to use their own earphones.

Summing up, Samsung i460 is a music phone with newer features that should impress some.


Samsung i450 is currently on sale with M1 (S$488 2 year contract) and Starhub (S$298 2 year contract). Not surprisely, there is a huge gap between the pricing of the two operators. And if you are considering buying without contract, the price should be between S$600 to S$688 during this intial release period.

iPod Nano Pink edition surely came as no surprise to anyone as just about every gadget out there comes in pink colour now. It will be retailing at the same price as other iPod Nano in black, green, silver, blue and red. At S$348, the pink edition only comes in 8GB version. Silver remains the only colour for the 4GB iPod Nano. 

This 3rd generation iPod Nano is also a perfect gift for the Valentine Day. Together with the free engraving service, you can even have it delivered straight to your girlfriend (or boyfriend).


My 17" Philips has been around for 2 years and still going strong. Well, I have not been following Philips' monitors thesedays though they are still all over Sim Lim Square. Promotion valid till 24 Feb 2008.

Link - The Straits Times
Including a 24k gold-plated rat-figurine is HP's marketing campaign for 2008. I can see where they can coming since their target market are small businesses, professionals and the upper income families.

HP has actually produced so many printers that I have difficulty understanding the differences between them. Nevertheless, they are really getting into specific needs of the consumer which is good.

The wireless printing kit is worth a mention too. Looks pretty but it is for specific models only I think.

Promotion ends 29 Feb 2008.

Link 1 (Steps to redemption)

Just a little more update on the MSN virus. Baring the variation of the virus, it has been since as early as 2004. It seems that its making its return lately again, especially in Singapore.

Once infected, the computer will send copies of the same virus to every online contact on the user's list.

I have included some solutions posed by the net community because there are variation of the virus. By the way, you should attempt to "System Restore" to revert the computer to a healthy status before trying to remove the virus.

Correction to the previous post: I checked with my friends, they actually had used some methods to do it, instead of Anti-Virus (which I had suggested).

Link - (Several methods and cleaner)
Link - NoVia Computers (
Link - SGForums (msnCleaner.exe w/instructions)
Link - Article on the virus

If you have seen the following message on your MSN, DO NOT download the file.

Hey, is this your picture? =Z

It is a virus. A quick google also show up a variation of similar virus involving the user downloading a unknown picture from MSN. In fact these virus have been around for quite sometime. So make sure it is really your friend sending you a picture!

To date, I have two friends whose computer is infected with the virus. Fortunately their Anti-Virus is able to bail them out though it is troublesome to do it. Thanks to Techie Talks for the reminder. 


Samsung F330 now comes in red. It seems that it is exclusive to M1 at the moment though it is still not on the M1 online shop. However, you should be get it at M1 shop and dealers. The retail price is the same as the white edition, S$88 with a 2 year contract.

In the first month of 2008, we finally see the first major mobilephone arrival from Samsung. In fact, SGH-G800 is released Oct 2007. G800 officially hits the Singapore's big 3 network providers' store today.


  • 5 megapixels, autofocus, xenon flash, face detection
  • 3x Optical Zoom (yes, its OPTICAL zoom!)
  • TFT, 256K Colours display
  • 18.8mm thick, 134g heavy
  • micro SD, 160MB internal memory
  • 3.5G
  • Document Viewer
  • TV-Out
  • Bluetooth
The question is; is this more of a mobilephone or digital camera? The fact that mobilephone do not come with optical zoom vanished with the appearence of G800. On of it, Samsung even managed to throw in face detection technology into this latest gadget.

G800 is also something not in the range of Samsung's recent style of producing slick phones. At 18.8mm it is rather thick.

In my opinion, the make-or-break point for G800 will be its photo quality and GSM arena has a very comprehensive review of it. In a nutshell though, G800 produces excellent photos, very good details but do not expect it to par the current "pure" digital cameras. Thumb-downs include a poor user interface and the flash is not sufficiently bright. And video lovers please look to LG Viewty instead.

G800 is one of the pioneer camera mobilephone with optical zoom and I believed more is on the way. And by the way, some reviews mention the flaws such as slow read of external storage card and poor display screen. Remember to check them out if you are going to buy one!

G800 comes in charcoal grey and silver, selling at S$668 (Singtel 2 year contract), S$448 (M1 2 year contract) and S$398 (Starhub, 2 year contract). All contracts refer to the basic plans that I suppose most people subcribe to.


As the story goes, more Chinese New Year stuff coming up. Selected EPSON's printers come with NTUC vouchers now. Promotion period valid till 2 Mar 2008.


I also happen to pick up Samsung's promotion for the Chinese New Year off the papers. For me Samsung monitors are simply classy yet it does not cost you a bomb most of the time. The monitor shown here is 2232GW which comes with a design that can pass off as Samsung LCD TV.

Amazingly, abalones and scallops are part of the freebies! This is always the case with Samsung, they are trying to expand their retail channels and boast sales. First I saw Sheng Siong, the local supermarket chain selling Samsung LCD TVs then now you get abalones together with LCD monitors. I know Samsung is not like a premium brand but this really put me off sometimes.

Anyway, once again we like to pass on deals like these in Singapore and this offers end 17 Feb 2008 according to the advertisements.

Advertisement - Straits Times

Companies love festivals since they are able to claim that they are celebrating the occasion by slashing the prices for their customer. True enough, this month, we have seen LG and their monitors and now its Acer's turn.

They will be holding roadshow at Funan IT Mall (17 to 20 Jan) and IMM (14 to 20 Jan).

Speaking of Acer, recently I have got my hands on a few acer notebooks, both the travelmate and the aspire series. In general, the heat management problem with the previous design is not so much of an issue with the current grey design. However, I noticed this grey colour design gets dirty very easily. It would get yellowish quickly if you do not give sufficient care to it.

I also found out that the aspire series' dolby surround system actually sounds quite good as compared to the other notebooks' sound quality. It is rather loud as well.

Overall an improvement but Acer has to watch out. They are not the most value-for-money brand around anymore. As notebooks get cheaper, expensive brands like HP and Fujitsu are able to lower their pricing and cheaper brands like Packard Bell are really getting into the market. 

Nevertheless, Acer's Singpost promotion is on this month. Check out the details. "Scratch and Win", freebies... Singaporeans' favourite.

The world's thinnest notebook is MacBook Air. As the world media is busy writing about it, so am I! Let's go look at what is up Steve Jobs' sleeve this time round.

1. 0.4 - 0.94 cm thick (Need not introduction)


2. Micro-DVI port (The "super" port)
This video output port, together with the various adaptors provided by Apple, allows video connection to various outpot devices with just one port. Meaning to say, there is no need to have both DVI and VGA ports on the notebook. One port does it all.

3. Multi-touch

It works like iPhone. Different contact and movement on the touch pad allows various effects. Cool.

4. Solid-State Drive

MacBook Air comes with 80GB of hard disk but an option of 64GB of solid-state drive is provided. S$1,647.80 is the price the local Apple online store quote for this additional 64GB. Wow.

5. 5 hour of battery life


And finally, 5 hour of web surfing on such a thin notebook? I eagerly await the review results.

MacBook Air is retailing at S$2988 and S$5088. The difference being the core speed and the solid state drive.

Before I get carried away with all the talk, time to look at the "thin" real thing! Hot new release hours ago from MacWorld!

MacWorld, Apple's keynote conference, has once again bought in a largely innovative produce that is set to lead the market again. MacBook Air has arrived.


Just look at how thin it is. Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, said MacBook Air is based on the concept of making a ultra portable notebook without losing sufficient screen size and keyboard.


The keyboard is so different from an ordinary notebook. This is the reason why Mac is able to differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd. Because they take care of little details.


MacBook Air comes with two types of specifications. All are already for pre-order. More details to follow.

Creative has announced the addition of external speakers to ZEN Stone and ZEN Stone Plus at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. In addition, ZEN Stone Plus also gets a new version of 4GB.


Despite the massive amount of latest innovative gadgets making their first appearance at the CES, we just had to pick this out because it is currently on the "Coming Soon" status in Creative's Singapore online store.

Despite a mono speaker, it should still be a good extra feature since there is no increase in price from the old versions.

Also announced at the show is Creative MuVo T200. The highlight of this latest MuVo is ... erm ... six colourful themes? Yes, that is about just what is so new about this new digital audio player.

Bored is the word to describe MuVo T200. There is two colours to choose from, black and white. There is two storage size, 2GB and 4GB. Yawn. We expect more, Creative! I nearly forgot to mention the 9 hours battery life. 9 hours! This is the standard nearly 1 year ago. 

If you even consider getting it when it is released, 2GB version is going at S$99 and 4GB at S$149.


The prices of Broadband connection has hit a new low! Despite being a 12 month offer during the 24 month contract, it is a glimpse to the future of Broadband prices. I would link the pricing to the demise of the dial-up services as the cheapest plan is probably lower than S$20 in the near future.

Meanwhile, existing customers would not benefit from the promotional pricing, unless your contract lapses and you get the offer by recontracting. So if you ask me, its like buying stock in the financial market when you hope it does not fall any further after purchase.


More update for ASUS Eee after the CES (Consumer Electronic Show). ASUS has announced plans for 8 inch and 9 inch sets featuring WiMAX. No pricing mentioned.

Meanwhile, the original Eee PC are still selling like hotcakes here in Singapore. Courts continues to put up advertisement for the UMPC, this time mentioning Causeway Point and Courts Megastore (Tampines) as the locations for sales.
If you are experiencing problems viewing the page, we apologize for the error. We are trying to resolve it.

The SPH (Singapore Press Holdings) website,, reported a rather weird situation in Jurong West lately. Apparently, Singtel customers in Jurong West are experiencing mobilephone network problems at night. The problems include rejection of SMSes and unstable network signal. Well, it seems that the M1 and Starhub users are spared the problem. Which brings to the question; Why just Singtel?

In response to one of the affected users, Singtel explained that there has been a surge of prepaid card users in the area (due to foreign workers they said). The surge has caused the network to overload.

I wonder whether is there an increase in the number of workers or if the massive existing workers switch to Singtel during the same period of time.


LG is putting good offers for their LCD monitors. LG has always impress us with their superb contrast and refresh colours as compared to competitors. These monitors come with Fairprice vouchers so those students out there got a good case with their mothers.

How about the 24" L246WH for S$999? HDMI port included.

Promotion ends 6 February 2008.

Link - Advertisement
The past few days have seen some really seen some shocking news (or rather just one particular incident) and I am too busy with school to update the site. In a nutshell, the bloggers have an rather eventful weekend.

1. Advertlets' blunder
Need no introduction after nearly thousands of websites are affected (refer to the previous post if you have no idea about the incident). Furthermore, the error is not resolve quick enough for most.

2. Nuffang Exclusive program
In the midst of its competitor's blunder, Nuffang decides to hit Adverlets further with their exclusive program which is on the concept of "Nuffang-only sites". By putting only Nuffang advertisement on your website/blog, you get to enjoy a higher payout.

With Advertlets trying to repair their problem, Blog2u, the another local advertisting agent, sent e-mails to registered users with regards to issue of removing the on-going advertisment campaign.

3. National Library Board "archives" bloggers
11 local blogs have been added to the historical archive of the National Library Board (NLB). NLB says this is to preserve the different modern perspective of the Singaporeans, unique from the mainstream media.

4. Starhub at Terminal 3
Wireless@SG has finally made it to the Changi Airport. Starhub won the tender to provide the Internet access to the crowd. Starhub is previously providing access for a small fee.

5. Soundbuzz-"ing" Motorola
The famous local online music store has been acquired by the mobile phone giant , Motorola. So are we going to expect Soundbuzz Store support in the future Motorola 's phones?

Not happy anymore.

Amazingly, the famous advertising site, is down at the moment. Apparently, its domain has expire. At the same time, any sites with their advertisment codes will be automatically redirected to Oh, not forgetting some pop-up as well. I realised the error when i log on this afternoon.

I have to say its going to have a negative impact on advertlets' reputation. Up to this point of time, the problem still exists and thousands of websites and blogs with the codes are affected.

Just remove their advetising codes to resolve the problem.

Speakers' design is in abundance in recent years and its certaintly not easy to stand out in such competition. Sonic Gear's Sonic Array 2000 is something different.


This set comes with built-in subwoofer and two mid ranger speaker. Sonic Array 2000 has won several awards since its launch. Well, all in all an excellent addition to your multimedia devices. The price at the SITEX 2007 is about S$199 with free gift.

Link - Official Web
Link - Advertisement Part 1
Link - Advertisement Part 2
Greetings to all in the new year. I hope TSGTS will be around to greet all again at the end of 2008 with another busy school semester is coming up. Lets hope its a great year ahead!


But for those with Starhub Maxonline Express, its already a good start to the new year. Starhub Maxonline Express is orginally a 6 mbps plan, has been upgraded to a 8 mbps plan with effect from 1st January 2008.

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