Premium notebooks from the Japanese. Business class. Only one of those have a delicated graphics card.

A new budget model at S$1,298. New from COMEX.

Freebies includes 160GB external harddisk! (For certain models only.)

*Note that we are trying to upload more leaflets, go to the older posts to see the promotions uploaded earlier.

Only the notebooks offers are uploaded. Television to follow...

Stylish LG notebooks. But we met with some confusion as it seems that the Harvey Norman booth is right beside the LG booth. Both selling the same products. Very messy in my opinion. There are still good deals though.

NEC appears to be on the design side with some impressive build to the notebooks. All is cool till I notice the 12.1" and 13.3" models seems to be packed with 4-cell battery! Will the battery life be affected? I always thought the standard is 6-cell. Anybody using NEC models with 4-cell batteries?

9 out of 10 people I asked didn't know MSI. No surprise here as only IT-savvy people might have heard of it. But even they do not know MSI makes notebooks.

3 models are on show. Nicely place to be a budget model, a mid-range model and a gamers' model. As we did some comparison, the prices are indeed not as competitive as others even given the fact that MSI is not really known for their notebooks.

For record, MSI is one of the 2 or 3 booths selling hardwares.

I noticed Acer is more tone down as compared to COMEX. Is it just me? Anyway, nothing new from Acer. Its a matter of whether you can accept this established value brand. I like the travelmate notebook series.

Freebies wise its ram upgrade, warranty upgrade and Brother DCP-135C (good printer, I am using 130C.)

Don't forget Acer LCD monitors.

The only booth that offers trade-in program. Great stuff. But I have to say those Lenovo promoters have to start giving away instead of blocking the consumers from the notebooks!

The latest model is G400, a basic notebook at a very good price. But a year warranty is too short in my opinion. And the thinkpads of course. Really quality notebooks but are less prefered due to their design.

Check out the air tickets deals as well. Not quite sure what is going on over there...
Dell has some good offers! (Click Here for the leaflet)

First look at the notebook deals gives me the feeling that Packard Bell perharps is now offering the cheapest notebooks around. However, in terms of value-for-money, it is still a close fight between the two.

Check out their XPS series as well. Their XPS notebook have been winning rave reviews from magazines.

Special mention goes the freebies from Dell which includs cash rebates, hard disk upgrade and ram upgrade. Noted that you can order the notebooks online and still get the SITEX's deal (including the freebies).

Finally, as usual, fantastic Desktop deals from Dell as well. But they should be compared to offers from eSys (our local manufacturer), Lenovo (good value and they always offer wonderful freebies), Compaq (quality but perharps a bit expensive) and Acer (good value).

Asus Eee PC

Packard Bell X S20

Kohjinsha SA Series


Cheapest among the pack. And its Linux.

It has a DVI output.

It is a tablet PC.






900MHz ultra-low voltage Celeron M processor

VIA C7-M 1.2ghz

AMD Geode LX 800 500mhz

Operating System


Windows Compatible

Microsoft ® Windows XP Home Edition

Microsoft ® Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 2)

Ram (Speed unknown)




Hard Drive

4GB (Solid State Drive)




7” TFT 800 x 480

7” TFT 800 x 480

7” Non-Glare WVAG TFT Color LCD (Touchscreen) 800 x 400


Integrated Intel GMA 900 graphics processor (shared memory)

VIA VX700 up to 128MB shared

Geode LX 800 embedded
V-RAM 8MB-256MB support (Shared with System memory)


802.11 b/g


802.11 b/g




Version 2.0

USB Ports




Card Reader


4 in 1

3 in 1 Memory Stick / SD card / MMC
CF Type - I & I/O card support






VGA (0.3 Megapixel)



Video Port








Battery Life

About 3 hours

3 hours and above

4.5 hours

Official Web

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

There is hardly any common ground to make comparison other than they are all 7 incher. Diffcult choice.

Some people love Packard Bell because they offer notebooks without Operating System! Reducing the price by a further S$200++. Other highlights includes a very cheap 12.1" at S$1,298. Noted that Packard Bell's notebook comes with 3 years warranty.

We have got our first leaflet from SITEX. Kohjinsha has put up from really interesting offerings and we will be pitting its SA series against Asus and Packard Bell in a later entry.
The brilliant Eee PC will hit the latest IT show as a special product launch. The launch is on the third day on the show according to the Straits Times (Digital Life). The price will be apparently S$598. As we have mention previously, it is exciting time for the gadgeteers.

Meanwhile, Packard Bell have also release their version of a UMPC. We shall bring up a comparsion before the SITEX 2007.
aigo is bring their latest products at SITEX 2007; MP5 players. The name is so nothing fantastic but its strongest point is really the fact that it plays Real Media (.rm) and (.rvmb) without conversion. It is interesting because both the format produce good video quality at a good compression rate (meaning its file size is small).
The "MP5 Players" on SITEX are P881 (160GB) and E898 (4GB)

The P881 even packs 160GB! Really worth checking out at the IT show. Other than this the two players also show the common trend in new portable media players; the large LCD. 4.3" and 3" respectively.

Of course they are not going to challenge the iPod, but in any case still value for your money.

As many would have heard of it, ASUS Eee notebook is finally coming to Singapore as early as this december (according to speculation). So what is so exciting about this new notebook from the Taiwan manufacturer?

Physical size
Don't be fool be the picture, at 7" weighing in at 0.92kg, it is twice as small as the ordinary notebook. Yes, it is hardly revolutionary since Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) are rather common. But wait till you finish this list.

Eee PC will not cost you more than S$700 according to estimate (Conversion from USD). So the cheapest UMPC around before Eee PC is Kohjinsha's going at S$1,000.

The reason for such a low price is, of course, the hardware. A celeron processor with 512MB of ram and 4GB of solid-state harddisk! No DVD drive. Connectivity else it comes with WiFi and USB ports. Eee PC is packed with a 4-cell battery estimated to run for 3.5 hours.

Eee PC will run on Windows XP / Linux. Our local set should come with Linux.

The deal is therefore the fact that almost anyone can afford it. While it is nothing fanciful, it has created communities of supporter. It does your basic tasks such as surfing and typing with minimum fuss. Games are restricted to those with very low requirement.

It does not replace your notebook to a certain extend but it should be a really cool gadget to own. Many in Singapore has bought the import set (Like the iPhone). We expect a greater impact when it is officially lanuch here. And for your information, a quick google shows up lots of formal and informal support to this classy gadget.

Right before Sitex, EPSON has launch their promotion to celebrate its 25 years in Asia. Bascially, there are a few new models and freebies which includes the free food at Swensen's, Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 and cash rebates. A good range of printers with functions such as DVD printing. Promotions lasted till 7 Jan next year so there is still time for comparison to the deals at Sitex.

Check out the official leaflet. Click Here
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